EnSoil Algae for Pastureland

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EnSoil is Readily Available for Summer 2022!

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"As farmers furiously try to price and source fertilizer ahead of the spring rush, a new report from the Texas A&M Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) shows supply chain disruptions are wreaking havoc on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous prices, costing feedgrain farms the most." Source

Right now because of supply chain and trade issues, NPK is both scarce and expensive! The good news is we have a viable, cost-effective, solution that is made in the U.S.A.: EnSoil Algae. No supply chain hassles or wildly fluctuating prices.

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  Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy Animals 
En-Soil Algae promotes healthy soil.
Soil Health

The major benefit to improving soil health on pastures is building up drought resistance and decreasing weed infestations. Healthy land management with focus on soil health will improve your soil structure and your water-holding capacity of the land. Increasing your SOM increases the water available for plants to grow and thrive as well. 

Cattle Herders
Land Management

Healthy land management ensures there is an increase in carbon and nutrient cycling. These better soil conditions create more productive germination rates and a higher seedling establishment. With more nutrients available to the plant you will see increased plant production and reproduction. Increased and healthier plant production means both a more robust rangeland ecosystem and food source for grazing animals. 

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Feed Crop Nutrition

Use of EnSoil Algae has proven to increase the protein and also crude fat in cane samples. Working to increase the nutrition available to the plants increases the nutrition available to the grazing animal. EnSoil Algae can be used to increase nutrient content in feed crops as well as grazed forages.

Cow and Calf
Animal Health & Forage

Research shows that extending the amount of time cattle consume grazed forages is better for animal health. Pasture treated with EnSoil Algae has a number of benefits to improve forage, overall, in that it 1) increases protein and crude fat of forage, 2) improves SOM, evening out the cyclical "drops" in forage from year-to-year, 3) may be applied to pasture while animals are grazing, 4) is safe to use in proximity to water sources.

Drought Tolerance
& Water Retention

Abiotic stress is caused by drought or increased salt content in irrigation water. Both are problems in irrigation water around the globe. In both cases, there is an accumulation of "reactive oxygen species" (ROS) compounds that damage plants and inhibit growth. (Abiotic stress is usually oxidative stress.) Plants have natural defenses to these types of stress. When exposed to drought or salt stress, they produce antioxidant enzymes that detoxify ROS. Treatment with EnSoil Algae (C. vulgaris) has been shown to boost production of these antioxidants, and thus mitigate the effects of drought or salt on plants.

Watershed Safety

 Unlike NPK inputs, EnSoil Algae (C. vulgaris) do not go into solution. They are living cells, a suspension of particles in water. After sitting for a few hours, the cells fall to the bottom of the bottle and only disperse uniformly with mild agitation. Because they are particulate, they do not penetrate far into the soil. In addition, migration through soil is hindered by algae’s positive charge. Soil is negatively charged, so the algae lodge in place. Finally the number of algae cells applied is relatively small.  Fifty-thousand cells per square foot is a "micro-amount." 

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