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Every month (or so) En-Soil features one of our many exceptional clients or distributors. In the spirit of our Impact model, we hope to promote Socially Responsible Businesses, support our local, living economy-- and introduce you to some mighty fine people, to boot!

Enlightened Soil Corp Wants You to Meet...

Happy Hens & Highlands Farm

 North Carolina

When our marketing team came across Happy Hens & Highlands Farm via Instagram, we were absolutely enchanted. Emily and Adam Hopson run a breathtakingly beautiful farm sanctuary for Highland cattle in the mountains of western North Carolina. For years they've leased their pasture but are now actively fundraising to buy a permanent place for their farm. Because they are dedicated stewards of not only their herd but the pasture that sustains them, we had a hunch they'd be a fit for us here at Enlightened Soil Corp. We simply had to reach out to tell them about the benefits En-Soil Algae.


Turns out our instincts were right! Emily and Adam were happy to hear that not only was there an effective, natural replacement for NPK, but that their pasture could be treated with En-Soil without having to move their herd! (And no grueling task of hauling tonnage, either!) Even better, when it came to cost per acre, En-Soil turned out to be a bargain. Evidently, the price of NPK had almost doubled for them this spring, and it would have been a financial hit for the couple as they strive towards raising the money to buy their "forever farm."


We are thrilled that En-Soil Algae can contribute to Emily and Adam's goal! (And OMG-- those cows are GORGEOUS!)


This Highland Definitely Looks Happy!

En-Soil Highlands.jpeg

En-Soil Algae for Happy Hens & Highlands!


Tucker, checking out the farm!

Read More About Emily & Adam's Story and Their Fundraiser Right Here:

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