Mixing & Applying En-Soil Algae
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Applying En-Soil is Simple

Because En-Soil Algae is a living preparation of Chlorella vulgaris, the number of live cells declines with time in refrigerated storage. We suggest that you apply En-Soil within six weeks of the  harvest date noted on the label. Until the six-week use-by date, we guarantee a minimum of 10 million cells per mL. The algae cells are viable beyond 6-weeks, but because of the cell-count decline, more of the concentrate would be needed to treat a given area.

The basic ratio for mixing En-Soil is:
1 tsp. (5 mL) of En-Soil for every 1.5 gallons (4 liters) of Water
  • For lawns and gardens, this amount of En-Soil and water will cover 1000 sq. ft. with a backpack sprayer. If you need more water, there is no problem in adding more to the spray tank. Spray the contents of the whole tank evenly over the area. Hit "bare spots" more heavily.


  • For every additional 1-1.5 gallons of water needed, add an additional tsp. of En-Soil.

  • For potted plants, 1/2 tsp. of En-Soil concentrate is enough to treat 10 pots. This can be done using a watering can.

    Should I spray the ground or the plant?


  •  You can spray both, but most of it should go to the soil. Use about 2/3 of the tank on the soil and the remaining 1/3 on foliage.   


How Often Should I Apply En-Soil?


  • For freshly seeded sod, new turf, or recently installed plants, give the soil a "jumpstart" by applying En-Soil one a week for four weeks, and then once every two weeks.

  • For established lawns and turf apply En-Soil Algae once a week for two weeks at the beginning of the growing season, then once every six weeks.


  • For gardens and potted plants, apply En-Soil once a week for two weeks at the beginning of growing season and then once every two weeks.

Watering the Garden

 Calculating Square Footage of Your Lawn and Garden 

As stated above, the basic mixing ration is 1 tsp. (5 mL) of En-Soil to 1-1.5 gallons (4 liters) of water. However, in order to know how much En-Soil Algae concentrate and water you will need, you will first need to measure the area you wish to treat. You can measure your lawn and/or garden with a tape measure, but stepping it off is also reliable. Each big step roughly equals 3 feet. The following table is a calculator that helps with measurements, and the amount of En-Soil Algae to use:

Application Table 2_2_2021.png

Treating large areas such as pastures, playing fields, and golf courses 

For larger areas, En-Soil Algae can be mixed in a large volume sprayer and pulled behind a tractor. Determine the number of acres to be treated, and apply at a rate of one full 1-liter bottle of En-Soil Algae per 4.5 acres, or 200 mL (a bit less than one cup) concentrate per acre.

Best Weather and Time of Day to Apply En-Soil Algae 

En-Soil Algae can be applied at any time, but we usually apply it late in the day or early morning so that the algae is not exposed to mid-day heat. In dry weather, applying just before watering ensures that the algae solution will reach into the soil. Applying it just before or after rain also works. 


A FINAL NOTE: If you are unsure about how to measure your lawn/garden, or how to mix En-Soil Algae for application, please reach out and Contact Us.

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