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EnSoil Community & Education
Webinars & Instructional Videos

Join Yazmeen Rodrigues (ESC's Partner Program Coordinator) and Camille Newsom (ESC's Education Director) in a series of Regenerative Agriculture Webinars designed to inform producers on best practices for EnSoil Algae use and how to incorporate it into a regenerative farming program. Yazzy and Camille bring to the table experts in agronomy, soil science, farming and ranching from all over the U.S. to answer your questions!

Yazmeen Rodrigues

Partner Program Coordinator

Camille Newsom

Director of Education

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

December 7 @ 7 PM EST: Reciprocity & Collaboration with Meredith Garrigan: Registration Link

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Submit a question in advance for a chance to win a free bottle of EnSoil Algae: Click here

Watch Our Video Guides & Learn How EnSoil

Can Enhance Your Growing Experience

Using a Proven, Soil-amending, Bio-Stimulant in Your Soil Maintenance & Growing Regimen 

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EnSoil University is a series of videos hosted by our on-farm researcher, Jennifer Wicker. Each video is a guide that answers commonly asked questions and reveals the most effective ways to use EnSoil in a variety of different growing situations. It is our wish at Enlightened Soil Corp to help you find success in achieving your growing goals!

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Jennifer Wicker

EnSoil University Channel

EnSoil University Channel

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