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EnSoil Algae for Market Vegetables

Save Money * Significant Reduction in Chemical Inputs * Improved Yield * Improved Soil Biology

Improved Water Infiltration & Retention * Improved Plant Stress Adaptation

Vegetable Market

Hear What Customers are Saying About
EnSoil Algae for Market Vegetable Producers

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The Plant Company

Keith Meadows & Brett Bennett- Moutrie, GA

At the Plant Company, greenhouses provide plant starts for L&M produce farms and others growing onions, sweet potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, melons and more, nationally. A trial of 10,000 tomato plants is underway. The first of four applications of EnSoil Algae was at the time of planting/transplanting, then applied at 2-week intervals in greenhouse and also in the fields when transplanted to TN.

Feedback: “We saw significant visual evidence of improved root mass and plant height plus an increase in copper uptake from the plant tissue analysis. Before harvest in the field, we saw less evidence of disease and more fruiting and flowers on plants treated with EnSoil Algae. The early observations are promising, and we are expanding our studies. We think the algae could be very useful to the greenhouse operations.”

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WabiSabi Farms

Jimmy Livingston- Cordesville, SC

Wabi Sabi produces organic market vegetables: strawberries, watermelon radishes, greens. Jimmy has decades of organic farming experience at Wabi Sabi. The community has been looking to Jimmy for organic growing techniques and he runs a very popular u-pick operation.

Feedback: "We've had very exciting production on strawberries and radishes when incorporating EnSoil Algae into our fertility program. We only grow organically. We love that EnSoil is an OMRI listed biological solution for improving soil health and plant production. The plants we’ve grown using EnSoil are some of the prettiest we have ever grown.”

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Sweetgrass Garden Co-op

Jennifer Wicker- Johns Island, SC

Sweetgrass Garden grows and distributes free, fresh, naturally grown, local produce to charitable food distribution agencies on Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island. Regenerative farming practices and permaculture principles are utilized to maintain the farm. Sweetgrass has been funded on four USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research Education (SARE) projects. Two of the grants included research of the algae in Enlightened Soil.

Feedback: “Sweetgrass Garden is dedicated to using organic, regenerative practices and teaching folks those practices. Donating produce to those in need that is treated with EnSoil helps us stick to our mission while positively impacting our climate.”

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EnSoil Algae is safe to use during mandated nitrate blackouts.
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