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We invite you to join us in our mission.

Our Declaration

In support of not only our local living economy but also our national living economy, our company is governed by our commitment to be a Socially Responsible Business through the following Declaration. As a South Carolina Public Benefit Corporation, we have included our purpose in our Articles of Association when filing our company with the state.

Declaration of Intent by Team Members, Managers, and Investors of and in Enlightened Soil Corp, a Producer of EnSoil Algae.


 2599A Bohicket Rd. Johns Island, SC 29455   


August 7, 2020


Our Vision:

We envision an Earth with healthy soil that is free of synthetic-chemicals.


   Our Mission: 

Enlightened Soil Corp will produce and promote a live, algal, soil-amending, bio-stimulant, EnSoil Algae (Chlorella vulgaris), that is a natural, more effective, and cost-effective alternative to synthetic-chemical fertilizers.

   Our Declaration:

    Enlightened Soil Corp is committed to sustainable growth with these goals:​


  • We are dedicated to improved soil quality and health, especially in ecosystems where the soil is depleted.

  • We support enhanced soil fertility and crop productivity without the use of synthetic-chemical fertilizers.

  • We promote plant resistance to common pathogens through healthier soil.

  • We work to increase the ability of soil to retain water and organic matter.

  • We work to provide an alternative to synthetic-chemical NPK fertilizers in order to protect coasts, rivers, and lakes from nutrient runoff and harmful algae bloom.

  •  We collaborate with individuals, organizations, and companies with similar goals.

  • We strive for production processes that are carbon neutral.

   Enlightened Soil Corp is a company that treats its team members fairly:
  • We offer competitive pay, our starting wage will be no less than 50% above the Federal Minimum wage.

  • We provide safe working conditions.

  • We have zero-tolerance for workplace harassment of any kind.

  • We offer benefits for full-time employees who work more than 30 hours per week.

  • We offer flexible hours and working locations.

  • We offer paid maternity leave.

  • We offer paid leave for family emergencies.

  • We are a team-owned company and offer profit sharing.

  Enlightened Soil Corp has a commitment to our neighbors and community:
  • We pledge 5% of profits to organizations combatting rural hunger.

  • We will endeavor to hire the majority of our team from our local living economy.

  • We value diversity in our workforce and believe our workforce should reflect our communities.

  • We require a commitment from our licensing partners to apply our product in accordance with our impact-focused mandates.

"Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth."

-Walt Whitman

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