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Here Are a Few Ways EnSoil Algae Delivers on ROI

  • Use of EnSoil Algae allows any producer to reduce the use of more costly chemical inputs for fertility, pest, weed, and disease management.

  • EnSoil Algae clients have reported improved yields across a variety of crops, including forage grasses, corn, soy bean, root vegetables, market vegetables, and fruit trees.

  • Use of EnSoil Algae improves soil health and structure increases water infiltration rates and holding capacity.

  • EnSoil Algae users can better capture their rain fall and reduce irrigation demands.

  • EnSoil Algae is OMRI listed and will promote soil regeneration allowing interested growers to market products as organic or regenerative verified should they choose to.


Find out about EnSoil Algae clients who are getting results in our 2023 Field Report!


To find more about how EnSoil Algae can improve your ROI, reach out to our team:

Tucker Garrigan

Affiliate Recruitment & Sales Support


Merideth Garrigan

Affiliate Recruitment & Field Support


Yazmeen Rodrigues

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