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Tue, Aug 13




A conversation with Dan Rasure, Fed 'n Happy founder- your provider of live worms, worm castings, and biological extracts.


Time & Location

Aug 13, 2024, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM EDT


About the event

What We'll Cover on the Webinar:

  1. Overview of the Fed 'n Happy System
  2. Fed 'n Happy Outputs - Granular & Liquid Biological Solutions
  3. Application Options
  4. Benefits By Crop - Use case sharing for beans, corn, sorghum, grazers, cotton, and wheat
  5. Determining Application Method & Rates
  6. Q&A + Learn more about the Fed 'n Happy and EnSoil Algae™ collaboration

About Fed N Happy:

The food chain for all living things starts in the soil. The science of that soil is essential to the strength and quality of every link in the food chain that follows.

That’s where Fed N Happy comes in. We harness earthworms, nature’s little alchemists, to devour existing organic soil particles, microbes and fungi and transmute them into worm castings — “Nature’s True Nutrients” — higher performing nutrition that plants love and crave.

By adding our worm castings to your soil, you scientifically supercharge the soil in ways that unleash the full potential of the way plants grow. You significantly boost their health and development, as well as the quality and yield of the fruit they bear — ultimately optimizing the quality of the foods our own bodies enjoy.

That’s how Fed N Happy lives up to its name — by keeping every vital link in the food chain fed and happy. Not to mention, healthy and achieving its true potential.

Fed N Happy specializes in live Red Wiggler worms, castings, cocoons, compost teas and starters. We are proud to produce all-natural, sustainable products that benefit gardeners, farmers, fishermen and animal lovers every day.

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