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Healthier Soil is More Productive Soil

We are Enlightened Soil Corp

We are Enlightened Soil Corp, an Impact Innovation company that produces a soil amending, bio-stimulant, concentrate made from green algae. 


EnSoil Algae™, a proprietary culture of Chlorella vulgaris, is now a viable alternative to synthetic chemical fertilizers. It enhances soil fertility which, in turn, leads to improved soil and plant health. Even better, EnSoil Algae™ is materially less expensive than synthetic-chemical fertilizers. 


​At Enlightened Soil Corp, we understand that your land and water are not just valuable resources but also a financial investment, and our goal is to help you protect it with good and responsible stewardship. We believe we can make the world a better place by connecting nature, science, community, and business. 

There is something very satisfying about "Making a Profit While Making A Difference,” and when the “bigger difference” results in “higher profits,” the satisfaction and impact increase exponentially. To that purpose, Enlightened Soil Corp is committed to developing partnerships with individuals, businesses, and organizations that share our vision of blending profit and higher purpose. Our hope is that these partnerships will facilitate the growth of a new and vibrant corporate culture, one that improves the health and resilience of businesses, communities, and the land, itself.

Get to Know Us

George Taylor

Founder, Chief Science Officer

& Managing Member

Dale Snyder


Grants & Research

Merideth Garrigan

Affiliate Recruitment & Field Support

Tucker Garrigan

Affiliate Recruitment & Sales Support

Jennifer Bio Pic.jpg
Jennifer Wicker
Chris Spaulding
 On-Farm Research Grants
frankie headshot.jpg
Frankie Riggs


Andrew S Headshot.jpg
Andrew Shuler
Marine Biologist
Website Headshots.png
Stuart Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Miller
Sales & Marketing Research

Yazmeen Rodrigues

Marketing Director

Camille Newsom

Affiliate Recruitment & Education 

jorge headshot.jpg

Jorge Abrego

Chief Marketing Officer

jessica headshot.jpg
Jessica Murison

Regional Director of New Business–West

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