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New Logo Standard 125mL.png

125 mL EnSoil

for Indoor Growing

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250 mL EnSoil

New Logo Standard 500 mL.png

500 mL EnSoil

7.5x6.5 New Logo Standard 1 Liter.png

1-Liter EnSoil

2023 Standard 1 Gallon.png
1-Gallon EnSoil:
Treats 16 Acres
Contact Us for Pricing and Consultation: 843-532-3875
2023 Standard 5 Gallon.png
5-Gallon EnSoil:
Treats 80 Acres

Contact Us for Pricing and Consultation: 843-532-3875


Coming Soon!

EnSeed Algae™, a seed treatment made from concentrated, live culture of Chlorella vulgaris algae that improves seed germination and healthy root development!

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Hear What Customers are Saying About EnSoil Algae
Close Up of Corn Field

Russell H., Farmer
Hickory, NC

Corn plants have shown exceptional growth and plant health. During the growing season, plants sprayed showed a noticeable color change to a darker green. Plant growth was accelerated by 2-3 leaves within the first 2 weeks. Ear weight has been 1-3 ounces heavier in density. Yields and test weight will be determined this fall and are expected to be greater in the treated areas.

Picking Strawberries

Jimmy L., WabiSabi Farm
Cordesville, SC

We've had very exciting production on strawberries and radishes when incorporating EnSoil Algae into our

fertility program. We only grow organically. We love that EnSoil is an OMRI listed biological solution for

improving soil health and plant production.

Cow and Calf

Brook Miller, Ginger Hill Angus
Washington, VA

There was a consistant increase of Abscisic acid (ABA), a stress adaptor that effects growth regulation. Both indicators translate to a really healthy plant and increase yield.

125mL purple flowers.png
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