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Standard Mini OMRI 10_10_21.png

125 mL En-Soil

for Indoor Growing

Standard OMRI 250 mL 10_10_21.png

250 mL En-Soil

Standard OMRI 500 mL 10_10_21.png

500 mL En-Soil

Standard OMRI 1-Liter 10_10_21.png

1-Liter En-Soil

Standard OMRI 4 Liter 10_8_21.png
4-Liter (1 Gallon) En-Soil
Standard OMRI 5 Gallon Agriculture Label 10_8_21.png
5 Gallon En-Soil
for Agriculture
Hear What Customers are Saying About EnSoil Algae

Mike M., Golf Course Owner

North Carolina

There is no doubt that the grass is thicker and grows faster.  I’m sure I can replace my NPK fertilizer, and the price is right. It is as easy to apply and use as any liquid fertilizer. Because it is nontoxic, it is safer for the workers and golfers. Going green with our fertilizer program will be popular with our members, and a selling point for our club.

Suburban House

Maleah & Nancy, Homeowners

Charleston, SC

 Our grass is healthier looking, bare spots filled in, and it is less expensive than the fertilizer provided by my lawn service. I am developing a small business that will apply En-Soil Algae for home owners living in the many developments in this section of Charleston.These neighborhoods have had algae bloom on ponds, and preventing this will be a key issue for marketing.​

Beach Bar

Linda G., Homeowner

Kiawah Island, SC

I have had bare places in my front yard that have been there for at least two years; chemical fertilizer has had no effect.  Treating the yard with En-Soil Algae resulted in grass growing into these areas in about two months. It is safer, and I feel better about my dog not having to walk on grass after chemical fertilizer is applied (not to mention my grandchildren)! ​