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125 mL EnSoil

for Indoor Growing

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250 mL EnSoil

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500 mL EnSoil

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1-Liter EnSoil

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4-Liter (1 Gallon) EnSoil
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5-Gallon EnSoil
for Agriculture

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Hear What Customers are Saying About EnSoil Algae

Mike M., Golf Course Owner
North Carolina

There is no doubt that the grass is thicker and grows faster.  I’m sure I can replace my NPK fertilizer, and the price is right. It is as easy to apply and use as any liquid fertilizer. Because it is nontoxic, it is safer for the workers and golfers. Going green with our fertilizer program will be popular with our members, and a selling point for our club.

Picking Strawberries

Jimmy L., WabiSabi Farm
Cordesville, SC

We've had very exciting production on strawberries and radishes when incorporating EnSoil Algae into our

fertility program. We only grow organically. We love that EnSoil is an OMRI listed biological solution for

improving soil health and plant production.

Cow and Calf

Alex P., Windmill Ranch
Haigler, NE

We are very encouraged by the results we've seen from application of EnSoil Algae. We believe it can help us

grow a quality, nutrient dense crop and offset the cost of nitrogen inputs. We are most excited about

working to improve our soil biology and water holding capacity through use of EnSoil.